Cyprus protests: Storm in a teacup By @ykanli

It is sometimes difficult to understand why people living in the same time frame and going through the same events remember them so differently. Cyprus is one of those cases. Listening to accounts of the same events on the island from Greeks and Turks, one would easily believe that there were two Cyprus islands, where one bad group of people is constantly trying to exterminate another group of people. Only under such a perceptional fiction can one understand why the Greek Cypriots behave as if they have so easily washed the blood from their hands and forgot about it.

Each time I talk with Archbishop Hrisostomos at his beautiful archiepiscopate office in the heart of the old quarter of Nicosia I feel as if he was just beamed down from outer space, with no idea about the great sufferings that the Turkish Cypriot people were compelled to go through by the Greek majority of the island. I could not stop myself and asked during my last interview with him how, as a man of religion, he could close his eyes to the inhumane isolation imposed on the Turkish Cypriot people by the GreekCypriot government.

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