Cyprus keep close eye on new Turkish seismic vessel

CYPRUS is keeping a close eye on Turkey after it was announced that a new seismic vessel will start to search for oil and natural gas on behalf of Ankara next week.

According to Turkish media, the Mineral Research and Exploration Institute built ship, which can search for oil and natural gas in the poles and oceans.

The vessel, named “Turkuaz Search Vessel,” will be put into the sea with a ceremony attended by Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu this week.

Reports say that Turkuaz, together with the notorious Barbaros vessel, will be used to search for oil and natural gas on behalf of Turkey.

It was the activities of the Barbaros searching in the exclusive economic zone of Cyprus, which lead to the postponement of the UN lead talks in October.

Turkish daily Sabah reports that besides the continental shelf of Turkey, Turkuaz has the capacity to search for oil in the poles, oceans and hotly disputed regions like the Black Sea, Aegean Sea and Eastern Mediterranean.

There is no indication about where the ship will be sent after being launched.

The vessel has the capacity to draw earthquake maps of Turkey, research climate change, sea pollution and life at the bottom of the sea. The Barbaros vessel, the other investment by Turkey in this field, is owned by the Turkish Petroleum Corporation (TPAO), while Turkuaz is owned by the MTA.


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