Cyprus is celebrating its 55th independence day on Thursday 1 October

The country was officially created on 16 August 1960, but due to summer holidays and the absence of foreign dignitaries the date was moved to 1 October.  A cabinet made up of seven Greek Cypriots and 3 Turkish Cypriots decided on the date on 11 July 1963.  1 October has been celebrated since 1963 with parades and ceremonies all over island.

At midnight on 16 August 1960, the UK flag was lowered and in its place the new flag of the Republic of Cyprus was raised.  The flag is a map of the island on a white backdrop, with two olive branches intersecting underneath, as a symbol of peace.

Cyprus’ Constitution

The constitution of Cyprus was drafted at the Zurich-London Agreements and was drawn up by an ad hoc constitutional committee with representatives from Greece, Turkey, and members of the two communities.  Greece was represented by Professor Themistocles Tsatsos and Turkey by Professor Nihat Erim………………

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    which Cyprus is celebrating and what? The cyprus constitution that lead to the Turkish invasion in 1974?

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