Cyprus guarantee system is complicated

There are many aspects of the Cyprus problem. It is neither just a property or refugee is-sue, nor a territory matter. It definitely includes all such headings, as well as the partnership of the two peoples in the land and the sovereignty of the island. But, even if there is an ac-cord answering the expectations of the two peoples on all those headings, will the problem be resolved? Unfortunately not.

Besides the “internal” one, there is an “external” balance issue that needs to be addressed as well.
Irrespective of whether Cypriots of all ethnicities may like it or not, Cyprus is unfor-tunately not important just for Cypriots; it has a security dimension that concerns many other countries. Why does Britain still retain two “sovereign” bases on the eastern Mediter-ranean island even though it ended its colonial administration there in 1960?…….
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