Cyprus: Cycle Across Barriers Apostolos Andreas to Akamas 16-26 April


In April 2010 a small group of people cycled 400km from the Karpaz in the east, to Akamas in the west. The small team was Aydin Mehmet Ali, a Turkish-speaking Cypriot, Andreas Michaelides, a Greek-speaking Cypriot and five friends of various nationalities, who all live in England.

For Cypriots and non Cypriots alike, this was a wonderful journey, cycling across some of the most beautiful countryside in the Mediterranean, swimming in the turquoise seas of Karpaz and Paphos, tasting the Cypriot authentic cuisine at its best and sharing a coffee or even a glass of wine with people they met on the way.

In April 2011 they repeated the trip, this time coming across the border at the new crossing point at Limnitis. At all times the group were given a warm welcome by ordinary people; organisations in both north and south of the divide offered them hospitality; and this was the beginning of new friendships especially when the Limassol Cycling Club joined for a day. The following year the group rode under the backing of the Home for Cooperation. Hopes for the future lie with initiatives like the Home for Cooperation. Through their educational and peace building work the Home managed to make giant strides since opening four years ago, especially in bringing people from the north and south of the divide together.

This year this group is even happier to ride again under the support of the Home for Cooperation and the Hackney Cypriot Association in London. It has always been our aspiration to encourage many more people living in Cyprus to break out and discover their country. This time we hope that more Cypriots will join our journey. Even though our beloved island is still divided we don’t have to wait to start breaking down our own barriers. We invite you to organise your own group or even come by yourself for the whole of the ten day-cycle journey or just for part of it, and meet us on route.

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