Cleansing our national days

Cleansing our national days

SHOULD Cyprus be proud that it observes more national holidays than any other country in the world? The Greek Cypriots observe four (no need to list them) and the Turkish Cypriots three – July 20 (Day of peace and freedom), August 30 (Day of Kemal Ataturk’s victory over the Greeks in 1922) and October 29 (Day of the establishment of the Turkish Republic).

In other words the island has a total of seven national days. The Greek Cypriots are 4-3 ahead in the score, but the Turkish Cypriots are threatening to equalise, if the TMT ‘fighters’ are heard and August 1 – the anniversary of the group’s establishment – is declared a public holiday. Meanwhile some Greek Cypriots are pressing for November 17 (the uprising of Athens Polytechnic students against the Greek Junta) to be declared a national day, in which case the score-line would be 5-3.

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