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Reaction over Neophytou’s statement about Morfou and guarantees

Reaction over Neophytou’s statement about Morfou and guarantees

Αccording to Bayrak (16.08.2016), the “Foreign Ministry” of the north has strongly condemned the Greek Cypriot DISY leader Averof Neophytou’s statement that a solution could not take place without the return of Morfou. A written statement issued stressed that such statements only served to reveal that the main intention of the “Greek Cypriot Administration” was

Thanks to Tassos, Tymbou airport is not illegal

THE HYPOCRISY of our political and journalistic demagogues reached new levels this week after the earth-shattering secret revealed by Phileleftheros that Greek Cypriot students and teachers had flown to Trabzon from Istanbul on Pegasus airlines. It is important to note that the super-scoop came from the foreign ministry, the breeding ground of the rabid rejectionists

Foreign ministry mandarins continues to trade in negativity

FOR MANY years Cyprus’ foreign ministry posed as the diplomatic guard dog and defender of the Cyprus Republic. Its main policy objective was to safeguard the status of the Republic by, supposedly, ensuring that the internationally-recognised government of Cyprus was never questioned, undermined or downgraded. Read the rest on: Our View: Foreign ministry mandarins continues

UBP-DP “coalition government” started distributing “citizenships” again

Under the title “433 citizenships in five months”, Turkish Cypriot daily Yeni Duzen newspaper writes that the “coalition government” of the National Unity Party (UBP) and Democratic Party (DP) started again to distribute “citizenships”. Yeni Duzen writes that 433 persons were granted the “TRNC citizenship” in just five months and this was the result of

UBP, DP, HP expressed their support to the “Democracy Meeting” while CTP, TDP, BKP did not

Turkish Cypriot daily Star Kibris newspaper (05.08.16) reports that Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Tugrul Turkes is illegally visiting the occupied area of Cyprus today in order to address the so-called “Rally to Support Democracy”, which is organized today in the occupied part of Nicosia within the aim of condemning the coup in Turkey and expressing

reddediyoruz c

‘Reddediyoruz’ demonstration takes place today

  The Reddediyoruz Platform (We reject it) is organising a march and demonstration today, 03/08/2016, to mark its opposition against Turkey’s plans for establishing a “Coordination Office for Youth and Sports” in the North. This office will be run directly by Turkey and will be supervising the financial aid the Turkish government will be allocating

Averof hits back at Tymbou airport claims

Ruling DISY on Tuesday turned the tables on parties that charged the government has done nothing to stem the flow of traffic at Tymbou airport in the Turkish occupied north. Party chairman Averof Neophytou said those who issued statements on Monday about the airport were part of the (Tassos Papadopoulos) government that decided not to