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Automatic succession in Cyprus

Automatic succession in Cyprus

by Alexandros Efstathiou In the past few weeks, there has been much discussion on both sides in Cyprus as to whether the Bi-zonal Bi-communal Federation (BBF) to be established post-solution would be a continuator state, which is to say, an evolution of the unitary state of the Republic of Cyprus into a BBF structure, or

Kazanti 107.6 hosts the Cypriot Puzzle

Kleanthis Roussos and Andromachi Sophocleous,members of the Cypriot Puzzle,were hosted by Yiorgos Kakouris and John Ioannou at their radio show,Kazanti, on Politis Radio 107.6. They presented the Cypriot Puzzle,its mission statement and spoke about past,current and future projects and also conveyed their opinion on Cypriot society the Cypriot issue,today. Participation in the show starts from

Where Cyprus is, that is the question: Cyprus, ISIS & our willful blindness

By Argyro Nicolaou This past July, I submitted a proposal to the Commonwealth Writers for a commissioned piece on Cyprus and ISIS. Here is an excerpt from it: ”In January 2015, online videos showing ISIS jihadists in Syria driving pickup trucks with Cypriot license plates became a source of embarrassment for local law enforcement. Shrugged