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Reddediyoruz: The Cypriot Puzzle View

  What are the youth protests in the north about? Reddediyoruz!  We are rejecting (it) !         The Turkish government and the authorities in the north signed a protocol on 10.02.2012 which foresaw the establishment of a ‘Republic of Turkey Coordination Office’ in North Cyprus that would ‘supervise’ the financial aid the Turkish government would give

Anastasiades interview on Megatv: Cypriot Problem developments

  On Monday 13th June 2016, the President of the Republic of Cyprus, Nicos Anastasiades, gave an interview to MegaTv journalists, Michalis Pavlides and Marios Papaelia. Developments in the Cypriot Problem formed a major part of the interview. The Cypriot Puzzle has translated to English that part of the interview and presents it below:  

Automatic succession in Cyprus

by Alexandros Efstathiou In the past few weeks, there has been much discussion on both sides in Cyprus as to whether the Bi-zonal Bi-communal Federation (BBF) to be established post-solution would be a continuator state, which is to say, an evolution of the unitary state of the Republic of Cyprus into a BBF structure, or