Can Cyprus become a much-needed model of Muslim-Christian reconciliation?

In Iraq and Syria, minority Christians are still on the run from Islamic State. Yet in the rest of the region, the tragedy has triggered an unusual competition of ecumenical goodwill. Religious leaders in Jordan, Egypt, and Lebanon have recently proclaimed their societies are models of coexistence between Muslims and Christians. Outside the Middle East, Malaysia and Indonesia have also hailed their interfaith social harmony.

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  1. S.SpeetzerS.Speetzer said:

    That’s possible due to T/Cy are much secular (and several atheist) than any others.

  2. The PhilosopherThe Philosopher said:

    Definitely not. Not for not wanting but because politicians on both sides have their own personal agenda, as do their voters

  3. HasoHaso said:

    wd need to b a partnership based on equality. No real evidence of GCs being able to accept that thus far.

  4. Achilles9Achilles9 said:

    it’s simply not about religion. It’s about the invasion and killing of innocents.

  5. Peter ConstantPeter Constant said:

    Reconcialtion of #Cypriots and enslavement to Turkey is the fact. Is that #Christian- #Muslim reconciliation?Is that a joke?

  6. Η Ψιλή ΣυζήτησηΗ Ψιλή Συζήτηση said:

    @AndKyprianou How can it become a “much-needed model”!? It is the most emblematic example of non-reconciliation!

  7. Η Ψιλή ΣυζήτησηΗ Ψιλή Συζήτηση said:

    @AndKyprianou If theres something 2 learn from #CyProb is that when perpetrator (Turkey) doesnt change, nothing can change

  8. Mine Beyar OlguMine Beyar Olgu said:

    @KPierides of course. We TCs are modern Muslims who pray 2 God both in Church & Mosk

  9. SYD Street ARTSYD Street ART said:

    Thanks for using a photo of my piece for your article, i hope to make people and politicians think and move forward. Nice photo by the way with the reflection.

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