Brown’s appraisal on Turkish intentions

L. Dean Brown, Deputy Under Secretary of State for Management of the United States in 1974, was sent by Secretary of State Henry Kissinger to Cyprus to take charge of the USA Embassy in Nicosia after the tragic assassination on August 19, 1974 of Ambassador Rodger Davis and until the appointment of a new Ambassador.

On August 25, 1974, amid the turmoil of the Turkish invasion, Brown sent a very revealing telegram to the Department of State, entitled “Turkish Intentions on Cyprus”, after evaluating the situation on the ground. I will highlight only some of his assessments, which have been sadly corroborated by subsequent realities on the ground.

1) “Turkish actions on ground, and statements by officials both here and in Ankara, have reinforced our initial impression that Turkish Army intervened to protect the security of mainland and not assist local community, except insofar as this relates to primary purpose.”

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