British expats alarm over north property,letter to Akinci

Expat alarm over north property

British expats living in the Turkish occupied north have expressed concern over the fate of the properties they bought should the island’s division is resolved, and warned of unrest and discontent.

Thousands of Britons and other Europeans, have taken advantage of the situation on the island to buy real estate at highly affordable prices in the north where the vast majority of the houses were built on land belonging to Greek Cypriots.

Now that a solution appears closer than it has in over a decade, they have begun to worry.

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  1. Neo KaplanisNeo Kaplanis said:

    @gpsyllides @costaconstanti Yet, it was bought from a non-recognised organisation/country, a risk that they’ve taken for $

  2. Nikos TheoNikos Theo said:

    They should be returned to the rightful owner, they knew what they was buying.

  3. Carolyn Jordan ChristophidouCarolyn Jordan Christophidou said:

    Perhaps the expats who decided to live in the north shouldn’t have been so eager to take advantage of this situation.

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