The Annan Plan

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Τhe United Republic of Cyprus (URC) is founded.Annan Plan


Fundamental agreement

It begins with the main articles which, among others, stress that this is a relationship of political equality and not relations of a majority and a minority.

New order

  • The Treaty of Establishment, Guarantee and Alliance remain in force.
  • A unilateral change of the order of things is prohibited, in particular unification of Cyprus with any other country.
The URC (having Switzerland as a prototype):
  • The URC is an independent state in the form of an insoluble cooperation.


  • Α Federal government 2 equivalent states.
  • The power of government is limited to foreign policy, defence and to some extent the economy.
  • The states have full jurisdiction on matters which according to the constitution are not covered in the federal government.
  • Each state has its own constitution.

Article 3 – Citizenship, residence and identityιδιότητα πολίτη

There is one single Cypriot citizenship. The conditions for acquiring it are regulated by Federal law. In other words, immigration matters are controlled by the Federation. Also, apart from the Cypriot citizenship we will also have citizenship of the state we belong to. The federal civil rights of citizens are exercised based on the state they belong to.

  • For a period (of either 19 years or until Turkey’s accession to the EU) the percentage of residents of one state coming to the other may be curtailed. This rate starts from 6% (in each municipality) for the first 6 years and reaches 19% (in each state) in 19 years. Refugees over 65 are unaffected by this restriction.
  • The number of Greek / Turkish immigrants is restricted to 5% of the population of the respective community.
  • On the approval of the plan, each state presents a list of 45,000 people eligible to become native residents of the URC.


Article 5 – The Federal Government

Parliament (federal legislative body)Parliament and Senate Annan plan

The federal parliament consists of 2 bodies: the Senate and the Chamber of DeputiesBills are passed by a   simple majority provided that this includes 1/4 Senators of each state. Both bodies    have 48 members:

      • Senate: 24 G/C, 24 T/C
      • Chamber: in proportion to the population (approximately 70% to 30%) provided that every state has at least 1/4.

Presidential Council (federal executive body)

The Presidential Council is elected by the Senate and approved by the Chamber of Deputies. It consists of 6 members (6 voting   members and perhaps additional non- voting members). Although at least 1/3 must come from every state, members are proportional to the population of the state. In theCouncil, decisions are taken by simple majority, but must include at least one vote from a member of each state. The Council decides the allocation of six ministries between its members. The Foreign Affairs Minister and European Affairs Minister will  not come from the same state. The Council will elect  the President and Vice-President of the Cabinet, a G/C and a T/C who will alternate those posts every 20 months.

Executive Annan plan

Supreme Court (federal adjudicative body)

Resolves disputes between states or between the federal government and the statesIt consists of an equal number of judges from each state and three neutral ones (neither Greeks, nor Turks, nor English)


Even though we generally speak in brief here, the property matter, due to its inherent complexity, is perhaps the most difficult piece to examine. For this reason, we will not attempt to simplify it, and we will only attach the full text as set out in the Plan.

State borders

According to the plan, the states are divided as the map shows below. There is a territorial adjustment period of about 2.5 years. The areas in blue indicate the final stage.

 State borders Annan Plan


Provision for gradual demilitarisation. The military excerpts of Greece and Turkey will not exceed 3,000 each from 2018 onwards (14 years after the resolution). After that there is a revision every three years with the aim to fully complete their withdrawal.


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