Anastasiades yet to show signs of strong leadership

Our view: Anastasiades yet to show signs of strong leadership

PRESIDENT Anastasiades’ single-minded pursuit of personal popularity is very disconcerting as it indicates he will not be capable of providing the strong leadership the country has been in desperate need of for many years. Like his predecessor Demetris Christofias, he is over-sensitive to criticism, be it from politicians or newspaper columnists, and seems far too eager to please as many people as possible, giving the impression he is governing by public demand.

It is the familiar short-term view taken by most politicians unwilling to see beyond the next day and behaving as if there would be elections in a week. Anastasiades is no different, seeking instant approval for his decisions and refusing to take the admittedly difficult, long-term route to lasting popularity. This would be the choice of a strong leader determined to achieve his objectives, regardless of criticism and voter discontent, because he would eventually be vindicated and achieve real approval from the people.

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