Akinci the winner οn 2 new polls for the 19 April elections

Turkish Cypriot Gezete360 news portal (02.04.15) reports that the Gezici Research Company announced today the results of a public opinion poll held between 21 and 22 March 2015 regarding the preferences of the inhabitants in the occupied area of Cyprus for the forthcoming “presidential elections” of the 19th of April. The survey was held with the method of face to face interviews with 3.072 persons. The director of the company Murat Gezici said that the error is 1.5%.

63.7% of the participants in the poll said that the “elections” will have two rounds. 49.6% expressed the view that Mustafa Akinci and Dervis Eroglu will participate in the second round and Akinci will win with 60.5% against 39.5% of Eroglu.

In case Eroglu and Sibel Siber remain in the second round Eroglu is winning with 51.1% of the votes against 48.9% of Siber.

Asked who they want to see as “president” of the Turkish Cypriot “people”, the participants replied: Dervis Eroglu 37.2%, Mustafa Akinci 30.3%, Sibel Siber 21.1%, Kudret Ozersay 11.4%.

Asked who they think is the most appropriate candidate to solve the Cyprus problem, the participants replied: Mustafa Akinci 38.2%, Dervis Eroglu 26.8%, Sibel Siber 21.6%, Kudret Ozersay 13.4%.

Asked whether the “election’ will end in the first round 36.3% replied that “it will definitely end in the first round” and 63.7% said that “it will end in the second round”.

The distribution of votes in relation to which candidates will remain in the second round is the following:

Eroglu – Akinci: 39.5% – 60.5%

Eroglu – Siber: 51.1% – 48.9%

Eroglu ? Ozersay: 46.6% – 53.4%

Ozersay ? Siber: 60.4% – 39.6%

Ozersay ? Akinci: 67.5% – 32.5%

Siber ? Akinci: 39.4% – 60.6%

Meanwhile, Turkish Cypriot daily Detay newspaper (02.04.15) refers to the results of a public opinion poll it has conducted over its website with the participation of 4.465 persons within the period 7 March 2015-1 April 2015. The paper notes that 6.517 persons participated in the survey, but 2.052 were regarded as invalid, because they voted twice or more than two times. Asked who they will vote in the “elections”, the participants in the survey replied: Mustafa Akinci 38.95%, Dervis Eroglu 20.89%, Sibel Siber 20.75%, Kudret Ozersay 15.23%, Arif Salih Kirdag 1.62%, Mustafa Onurer 1.35%, Mustafa Ulas 0.81%. According to the paper, 56% of the participants in the survey participated through their smart phones, 39% through their desktop or laptop computer, 4% through their tablet and 1% through other devices.



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