Akinci didn’t ask citizenship of federal Cyprus to another 50.000 settlers

Turkish Cypriot daily Afrika newspaper (06.12.15) reported that Baris Burcu, spokesman of the Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci, has denied that Akinci had asked from President Anastasiades for the citizenship of a possible federal Republic of Cyprus to be granted to another 50.000 persons in addition to the 220.000 persons, which had reportedly been agreed by the leaders as the population of the Turkish Cypriots after the solution. Referring to a statement made by a “source close to President Anastasiades”, Burcu argued that Akinci submitted no such demand.
Another anonymous source told Afrika that the number of 50.000 concerns the persons having a “white card”, who will be given “work and permanent residence permit” in the occupied area of Cyprus. The source said that there is a demand for these persons to be able to move freely in the island. It is reported that President Anastasiades is “very cold” towards this demand and does not want to even discuss it.
This information was given to Afrika by another source close to Akinci and not by Burcu who did not refer to the issue in his statement to the paper.


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