AKEL unwavering in its anti-West fanaticism

Our View: AKEL unwavering in its anti-West fanaticism

HAVING bickered about most issues relating to a Cyprus settlement, including property, voting rights and the continuation of the Cyprus Republic the political parties have decided to revisit the issue of guarantees. Admittedly, the matter was put on the agenda by Phileleftheros, which decided to run a story on whether the parties would agree to NATO providing the guarantees and security of the new state.

This was a hypothetical question, as there has been no agreement on the issue of guarantees by the two leaders and it is understood the matter would be discussed at the end of the procedure at a meeting in which the guarantor powers would participate. For now, the debate is academic and has no practical value other than to cause disagreements in the pro-settlement camp, made up of AKEL and DISY.

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  1. PeekaPPeekaP said:

    on NATO,with Cyp being so small,unless it has military allies,it may find it difficult to beat back a large/chaotic attack

  2. Penelope SacorafouPenelope Sacorafou said:

    I still think debate is healthy.. The way this author has worded his argument suggests that debate is going to cause a rupture in this process… It’s brushing things under the carpet which actually creates bloody conflicts… There is nothing wrong with healthy disagreement

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