Afrika newspaper: Withdrawal of the 2/3 of the Turkish troops from Cyprus the last 6 months


 Turkey reportedly reduces and withdraws troops from the occupation regime to reinforce its units ahead of the fight against the PKK
In an exclusive report under the front-page title: “Troops withdraw from Cyprus” Turkish Cypriot daily Afrika newspaper (24.03.16) invokes reliable sources and writes that “due to the tension and clashes in Turkey, it is reducing and withdrawing a significant number of troops from Cyprus. As it was made known, this process continues for the last 6 months and it has been intensified during the recent days”.
According to reliable sources, commando units in the areas of occupied Agia Eirini and Mirtou were totally depleted. Also, the number of personnel in all military units in the “north” has been reduced and the number of several troop units including the front-lines has been reduced by two thirds. As it is said, all operations were carried out in secrecy.

The paper adds that as it was made known, Turkey continues intensively its fight against the PKK in the southeast. The terror alarm in the country is on the highest level. It was made known that the Turkish troops from Cyprus were sent to Turkey for reinforcement, writes the paper.

Source: PIO

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