Admission of some bitter truths

Admission of some bitter truths

DEFICIENT education and the fabrication of history still remain key features of Cypriot society. The student finishing state secondary school does not know, for example, that every archbishop during Ottoman rule was a quisling who co-operated with the rulers for the promotion of their mutual financial interest. What they believe instead is that the Church was running Greek schools in secret and other such fairy tales.

Even today we refer to the “coup of July 15” when in reality it was a Greek invasion. We always avoid (the reasons are for a psychiatrist to explain) calling a spade a spade. Admittedly it was not a conventional invasion in the sense that Greece used the army, navy and air-force to take over Cyprus. This was not necessary because the Greek government fully controlled the National Guard and, through this and ELDYK (the Greek army contingent), it overthrew the lawful government of the country and appointed a new president and ministers of its choice.

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  1. HasoHaso said:

    Article calls it how it is. Unfortunately, common GC psyche can’t process this, laying 2 waste any *real* chance of solution

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