Mission Statement


You may have heard of it as a problem. We’d rather think of it as a ‘puzzle’. A puzzle that many have tried to tackle but that no one has managed to solve so far.

Why do we even bother? Having been brought up on this island and having lived through many of its attempts to tackle the jigsaw, we consider ourselves a very part of it. More crucially, we don’t think that a couple of people behind closed doors are enough to truly “peace” it back together. But we do believe that 1,000,000 people can!
We want to explore the various aspects of the puzzle, and see how its different pieces can come together through grassroots discussion, dialogue and constructive debate. Rather than giving out 600-page manifestos and reports we prefer to use videos, infographics and other multimedia to provide people with attractive, holistic, and – as far as possible – objective information on the subject.

Ultimately, we want to mobilise everyone in Cyprus to take the pieces of the puzzle in their own hands and encourage them to think about putting these together in the way they feel is best, fairest and just.