Join us

We’d love for you to join us!

Currently we don’t have any funding, so we rely on motivated people who want to make a difference on this island.

We welcome anyone from all kinds of backgrounds. From computing to history and from graphic design to law. We always have projects people can get involved with, so if you are interested and like what we do, drop us a line.


  1. Efe Onder said:


    My name is Efe and I am very interested in joining your team. I am an Aerospace Engineer working in the UK. I am from Kyrenia and as the puzzle is all of our problem I would like to join the team and help any way I can.



  2. Kyriaki Eleftheriou said:

    How can we get in touch with somebody to be part of this beautiful group of people?
    I would like to join the team and help anyway i can.

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