A referendum rerun

A referendum rerun

Normally I’d steer the hell clear of the Cyprob – yawn – as I dislike adding to the literature and aggrandising the industry.

Don’t know what got into me, but hearing about the new ‘momentum’ in the peace process, after Akinci’s election – he seems a decent fellow, that Akinci – it grabbed me to re-watch Makarios Drousiotis’ aptly-named documentary ‘Poison’, tracing the run-up to the 2004 referenda on the UN peace plan.

It makes for some illuminating, if depressing, viewing: the obnoxious cast of characters belonging to the ‘No’ camp, the fear mongers, in short the haters. The feints, bluffs, the skulduggery and double-dealing of the politicians, with the late Tassos Papadopoulos in the role of grand maestro.

The journalists who laced their ‘reports’ from Lucerne……………

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