A Turkish general who admitted that the Turks had set mosques on fire in Cyprus died

Turkish Cypriot daily Afrika newspaper (05.01.16) reports that retired General Sabri Yirmibesoglu, former Head of Turkey’s Special War Department, has died in Istanbul at the age of 88.

The paper recalls that in an interview to Haber Turk in 2010, Yirmibesoglu explained the working system of the above-mentioned Department and admitted that they had set mosques on fire in Cyprus. He had said, inter alia, the following: “[…] There is a rule in the Special War Department. In order for increasing the people’s resistance, sabotage is carried out to some values presented as if the enemy did it. A mosque is set on fire. We have set mosques on fire in Cyprus. Mosques are set on fire for example”.

Source: PIO

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  1. Klitos AnastasiadesKlitos Anastasiades said:

    ετσι για να μαθαινουμε τι θα παθουμε σε περιπτωση που η Τουρκια θα εχει οποιοδηποτε λογο στη Κυπρο μετα απο μια λυση πχ εγγυηση μονο του ΤΚ μερους. Παλια τους τεχνη κοσκινο η προβοκατσια.

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