A beautiful plan for Cyprus

A beautiful plan for Cyprus

There should be a prize for electorates that vote well. First prize would be shared by the US electorate of 2008 that voted Barak Obama as the first African American president, and the British electorate that voted the Labour Party to power in 1945 because the Conservatives had nothing to offer demob Britain except Winston Churchill’s record as leader during World War II. Bottom place would go to the German electorate of 1933 that voted Adolph Hitler to power who then promptly abolished democracy and went to war that caused the death and destruction of millions.

Identifying good and bad electorates and grading them can be an interesting exercise. It would be fun to see where on the spectrum people would place the Greek electorate’s choice of Syriza to manage the Greek economy or the Turkish electorate’s choice of Erdogan to reward him for spending millions on his megalomaniac’s palace. They are pathetic our motherlands and their electorates! Even democracy is not safe in their hands.

British society by contrast encourages an open and critical frame of mind in individuals………….

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  1. HasoHaso said:

    1/2 such simplistic arguments. 1 Bush so bad, any opp wd win. 2.Hitler in due 2 awful econ conditions of German ppl post ww1

  2. HasoHaso said:

    2/2 3. Greek right wing popular after EU ripping economy. 4. Erdogan popular due to econ management and growth.

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