One article of the agreement for the youth coordination office is contrary to the constitution

Bayrak television (05.08.16) broadcast that upon request by Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci, the so-called constitutional court of the breakaway regime announced its decision on the “agreement” between Turkey and the breakaway regime under “article 146” of the “constitution” regarding the establishment and the activities of a “youth and sports coordination office abroad” by Turkey in the occupied area of Cyprus.

The “court” decided that “article” 3 (1) (G) of the “agreement” is contrary to the “constitution”, while all the other “articles” are not “unconstitutional”.

“Article” 3 (1) (G) provides that the “office” will ensure the construction, operation, repairing and maintenance of the campuses which operate or will operate in the occupied area by “the credit and campuses general directorate” and the modernization of all existing campuses and that it will implement the “protocol” which was signed on 10 February 2012 with the breakaway regime’s “competent ministry” and was put to effect upon approval by the “cabinets of both countries”. It also provides that other “protocols” will be prepared, if necessary.

Meanwhile, Turkish Cypriot daily Kibris Postasi newspaper (05.08.16) reports that the “director” of breakaway regime’s sports office, Huseyin Cahitoglu told the paper that he could not understand why some young people oppose to the establishment of the above-mentioned “office” by Turkey. He noted that Turkey has modern sports installations that are at world standards and added: “Through this office, the government will ensure the construction of the installations it wants in the TRNC. I cannot understand why some young people oppose to this”.

Cahitoglu said that 27 out of 32 sports “federations” in the occupied area of Cyprus support the establishment of this “office”, while the rest do not oppose it, but wish to know the “regulations” under which it will operate.

Source: PIO

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