July 15s and 20s

If the colonels in Greece had not engineered it and if the Greek Cypriot hordes aspiring to unite the island with Greece undertook a coup against Archbishop Makarios on July 15, 1974, there would not have been a Turkish intervention five days later, on July 20, 1974. There was not an “action-reaction” relationship between the two events; rather the first triggered second.

Before coming to the July 20, 1974, Turkish intervention, for 11 years the Turkish Cypriot people had successfully resisted with primitive means against a well-equipped, determined and vengeful campaign by Greek Cypriot “brothers.” What were the aims of the Greek Cypriot attacks? The Akritas and other plans either published in Greek Cypriot newspapers or captured after the July 20, 1974, intervention were documenting that the aim was total extermination of the Turkish Cypriot people and turning Cyprus into a “Greek land.” However, Turkish Cypriots have always believed that the island was the “common homeland” of the linguistically, religious-wise, ethnically different two peoples of the island; the Greeks and the Turks.

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