YKP: If you abandon UN parameters, it will mean that you challenge the world like North Korea


Turkish Cypriot daily Kibris newspaper (10.08.17) reports that Alpay Durduran, member of the New Cyprus Party’s (YKP) secretariat, has said that abandoning the UN parameters on the Cyprus problem because no solution was found, would be tantamount to challenging the international community, like in the case of North Korea.

Describing as “not realistic” the view as regards the existence of ‘two states” from Cyprus within the EU, Durduran underlined that great difficulties were caused because of the lack of respect to the UN Resolutions [on Cyprus], which had been approved by almost all states, cannot be abandoned and should be respected.

Referring to the issue of security and guarantees, Durduran expressed the view that the duty of ensuring security should, before the guarantors, belong to the administration of the United Cyprus, which should not allow the establishment of illegal underground organizations again and fully implement the constitution.

Source: PIO

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