Yeni Erenkoy poll shows 82% of villagers do not want to be refugees again

Turkish Cypriot daily Kibris newspaper (27.10.15) reports that a survey held at occupied Yialousa village showed that the inhabitants do not want to abandon the area after a solution to the Cyprus problem is reached. According to the survey, which was held between 16 and 18 October 2015 by a researcher named Kudret Akay using the method of face-to-face interview with 766 persons, 93% of the inhabitants do not want to move from Yialousa.

Asked to what extent they believe that achieving the solution of a bi-zonal, bi-communal federal Cyprus is possible, 53% of the participants in the survey replied negatively and 33% positively.

83% said that the house in which they live was built after 1974, 83% that they “own” the house and 48% that they live in a rented house. 67% stated that they own property in the government-controlled area of the Republic and 80% that they were given an “equivalent property” in the occupied area in return of the above-mentioned property.

47% of the respondents said that either they or their relatives of first degree had been forced to move from the places they had been living. They said that 39% come from occupied Bogazi, 29% from Alefka, 14% from Mansura, 8% from Seladi tou Api and 7% from occupied Kokkina.

86% of the participants in the survey said that they oppose to Karpasia peninsula, including Yialousa, becoming an area open for settlement for the Greek Cypriots after the solution of the Cyprus problem. 87% want the continuation of Turkey’s guarantees and 85% are in favour of the “Turkish army staying on the island in a strong manner”.

92% opposed to the return of Morfou to its legal owners for the sake of finding a solution and 96% said that they are against the return of villages in Karpasia peninsula to the Greek Cypriots.

73% of the respondents said that “the Greek Cypriots should definitely not be settled in the Turkish Cypriot area”, while 26% think that a limited number of Greek Cypriots could live in the Turkish Cypriot area.

51% of the participants in the survey said that they had voted “no” to the Annan plan and 84% noted that if the plan is submitted to a referendum with the form it had in 2004 they would vote “no”.

60% of the respondents stated that they are in favour of the rotating presidency in a federal Cyprus.

57% of the respondents described themselves as “Turkish Cypriots”, 26% as “Cypriots”, 8% as “Turks” and 7% as “Moslem Turks”.

50% said that their “country” is the “TRNC”, 29% that is Turkey and the “TRNC” and 18% that is the entire Cyprus.

60% of the participants in the survey responded that they see Turkey as their “motherland”, 20% as “guarantor power” and 7% as “brother and friendly country”.
54% see the Greek Cypriots as “historic enemies”, 29% as “neighbors” and 14% as “Cypriots speaking a different language”.

In statements to Kibris, Ozay Oykun, former mayor of occupied Yialousa, said that one of the reasons for which they had conducted the survey was the information published in the Greek Cypriot press that after the solution a “special status” will be given to Yialousa. The second reason, he noted, was the fact that the Greek Cypriot refugees from Karpasia had allegedly informed the Government of the Republic that they want to return to their occupied houses, even if they do not want to do so, as a result of pressure allegedly exerted on them by the Church.

Oykun said that 1,100 “voters” live in the village and that they have collected 750 signatures saying that they do not want to return to Kokkina, Mansura and Selai tou Api. He argued that in the UN reports it is noted that the inhabitants of Yialousa want to return to the villages which they abandoned, but this is not true. He claimed: “We do not want to leave Karpasia. We have taken roots here. We are living freely and we do not want for our tranquility to be spoiled”.

Meanwhile, Turkish Cypriot daily Kibris Postasi newspaper (27.10.15) reports that the inhabitants of Yialousa have sent the results of the survey and a letter with their signatures saying that they do not want to leave Karpasia to the Turkish Cypriot leader, Mustafa Akinci, the self-styled prime minister, the self-styled foreign minister, the so-called ambassador of Turkey to the occupied part of Nicosia, to the commander of the Turkish occupation forces, to the commander of the so-called security forces and to the Turkish Cypriot political parties.


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