Yenel: If Cyprob is solved important steps in Turkey’s EU accession process could be taken


Turkish Cypriot daily Ortam newspaper (08.06.17) reports that addressing a meeting of the Harmonization Committee with the EU at the Turkish Grand National Assembly (TGNA) on the current situation in Turkey’s relations with the Union, Turkish Deputy Minister responsible for the EU, Selim Yenel, stated yesterday that the Cyprus problem plays a very significant role in Turkey’s relations with the EU and that many chapters are blocked now because of Cyprus. He added: “If the Cyprus problem is solved important steps in the accession talks could be taken. This does not mean that everything will be solved, but an important obstacle will cease to exist and things will become a little bit smoother”.

Meanwhile, responding to a question during the same meeting, deputy undersecretary at the Foreign Minister Mehmet Kemal Bonzay referred to Cyprus and argued: “It is out of the question for us making concessions here. Negotiations are being continued at the moment. It seems that they will be intensified in July”.

Source: PIO

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