With our unguided missile the spirit of Spy lives on

Tales from the Coffeeshop: With our unguided missile the spirit of Spy lives on
Omirou was never hungry for power
By Patroclos
IT DID not take long, after his return from the Big Apple, for hot-heated Nik to do his funky stuff and generate the type of pandemonium he loves to be at the centre of. There are no quiet or dull moments when he is running the country in his unguided missile style.
This time it was the UN Secretary-General and the US ambassador who provided the excuse for him to do his ‘outraged leader defends the interests of the country’ routine for a television audience. It was a pretty good performance, considering politicians and news-folk have been talking about nothing else since Thursday night.
It was a bravura performance that will make Nik eligible for inclusion in the Cyprob Heroic Resistance Presidents’ pantheon alongside Makarios, Spy Kyp, Ethnarch Tassos and Comrade Tof, men who bravely took on the world rather than agree to a settlement that would force them to give up their residency at the presidential palace.
Our prez even sounded like Spy and Tassos, attacking the UN Secretary-General, whom he accused of ‘naked blackmail’, the Yanks, particularly their ambassador, for misleading him about Turkey’s intentions and the easiest of all targets, the UN special envoy who had made promises he could not keep.
Apart from turning on the Yanks and the UN, Nik also borrowed some of his predecessors’ defiance, tinged with self-pity. He complained that the international community considered him a soft touch, because of his support of the A-plan in 2004, but it would soon discover what a tough nut he really was.
He would not give in to the pressure and return to the talks ‘under any conditions’ he declared. The spirit of Spy lives on.
WHAT did Nik hope to achieve by labelling Ban a blackmailer and informing the TV audience about his heated row with the US ambassador? Was he hitting back after the embarrassments he had suffered in the last couple of weeks?
A day after he announced he would agree to discus hydrocarbons at the talks as a compromise, the Turks issued a new Navtex, making him look a bit foolish to the opposition politicians who fully exploited his embarrassment. Junior took great joy in sticking the boot in, saying the ‘good boy’ policy of ‘generous gifts’ to the Turks had been exposed as folly.
Then there was the release of the UN Secretary General’s report, which did not condemn Turkey’s violations of the EEZ or cite them as the reason for the interruption of the talks. The report also brought back the isolation of the Turkish Cypriots which had been completely ignored by the UN for the last seven years, and, adding insult to injury, referred to the government as the ‘Greek Cypriot authorities’.
This was tantamount to de-recognition of the Republic claimed one party leader. The report was another slap for the prez declared Junior, unable to hide his joy.
The repeated ‘slaps’ had deeply wounded Nik and he decided to turn ‘bad boy’ in the hope that the merciless attacks and insults against him by the opposition and newspaper writers would stop. That was why he felt obliged to make a TV display of his new ‘bad boy’ persona rather than deal with the UN and the US in private as a prez less concerned with his public image would have done.
In this respect Nik is no different to Tof. He also wants to be loved and get positive write-ups in the local press. What is more difficult to understand is why he would yearn to be loved by a spoilt brat like Junior and his Dikheads or a self-serving opportunist like Lillikas.
WE DO NOT know the reason for the heated row the new, bad boy Nik had with the US ambassador John Koenig on Thursday but it may have had something to do with an insane proposal by the Yank for the re-opening of Famagusta.
He may have not brought this up at his meeting with Nik, but at a meeting with Famagustans, Koenig came up with the suggestion of re-opening the fenced area of Varosha under Turkish Cypriot administration. That is beyond taking the piss and the people at the meeting told him not to even think about making such suggestion.
If this was indeed the reason for the heated exchange at the palace, I hope Nik showed no restraint and hurled a couple of ash-trays at the ambassador.
ALL THE reports about EDEK chief Yiannakis Omirou’s decision to step down spoke about a “shock resignation”. The cause for the shock, although none mentioned it, was that Omirou had actually given up the leadership. This is not considered an option for our party leaders no matter how rubbish they might be at their job.
In reality, in Kyproulla we do not have party leaders, but party dictators who, once elected, only give up their dictatorship when something better comes along like the presidency. Omirou’s predecessor, Dr Faustus, was in charge of EDEK for 33 years only deciding it was time to go after he had turned 80. The late great Spy Kyp was dictator of the Dikheads for 24 years. Clerides’ and Nik’ DISY dictatorship lasted 17 years each, both stepping down only when they were elected to the presidency.
Comrade Tof had 21 years as the Castro of AKEL, while his predecessor, the dour commie, Ezekias Papaioannou died in the job after 40 years of Stalinist rule. This was why everyone was shocked that Omirou gave up his dictatorship after 12 meager years in the job and at the tender age of 63.
OMIROU was a nice guy apart from the fact that he was a Paphite windbag and a bit of loser. Nobody believes that he gave up his post for the reasons he gave in his letter of resignation which was a testament to the vacuous rhetoric that had become his trademark.
The best bit in his letter was the self-praise. “I did not arrive in the political scene from nowhere. Nor have I been a ‘career’ politician, despite my long political path.” Omirou has been an EDEK deputy since 1981, taking an assortment of roles in the party before being allowed by Dr Faustus to succeed him, but he is not a career politician.
He has been treating politics as his hobby for 33 years – a hobby that paid very well and allowed Omirou not to have a career in anything. He may have resigned as party dictator but he has not given any indication he would be giving up his other hobby – the presidency of the legislature.
SPEAKING of careers, spare a thought for the Cyprus Airways stewardess who told the TV cameras, while demonstrating outside the finance ministry last Monday, the following: “What are they trying, to make us all supermarket salesgirls?” Perish the thought, we could hire you as doctors at the Nicosia General hospital where there are vacancies and the pay is as good as it was at Cyprus Airways.
But they may still avoid the supermarket, if prez Nik keeps his promise. After Monday’s demonstration, Nik issued a statement saying “we will do everything in our power to ensure that Cyprus Airways staff are hired by the new company.”
This empty promise was made official at Wednesday’s Council of Ministers meeting which decided to move ahead with plans to establish a new national carrier, one of the main government objectives being to create jobs for Cyprus Airways staff. As I said, earlier, Nik does not want to govern he just wants to be loved.
GOVERNOR of the Central Bank Crystal, also wants to be loved but it is very doubtful she would have won anyone’s affections after it was revealed that she was costing the taxpayer €242,851 per year.
She benefited from last November’s Supreme Court decision which ruled that retired civil servants could carry on collecting their state pensions even if they had been re-employed by the state. So apart from her €14,000 monthly salary as governor she is also collecting a state pension of €4,863 every month. And this greedy woman also sneakily altered the remuneration of the governor’s contract so as to receive more than the 14 grand her predecessors were receiving.
I DO NOT know what has gotten into Yiorkos Lillikas. He is behaving like a salesman of the Russian Federation, constantly plugging the need to give military facilities to Russia. He makes out that the negative developments in the Cyprob made this an imperative.
On Thursday, he called on Nik to use his scheduled visit to Moscow for the signing of “substantive agreements that would align Cyprus’s interest with those of Russia so that we can secure the support of Russia.” Is he suggesting that we also try to sell natural gas to Turkey like Russia has been trying to do?
“The key,” said the Paphos opportunist “is the provision of military facilities to Russia, which unfortunately, according to our reliable information from Russian sources is not included in the agreement documents submitted by the Cyprus Republic to Russia.”
On Friday, he was at it again. He had received “disheartening messages from Moscow” regarding the President’s imminent visit. According to his information, the “agreement for the provision of military facilities had been removed from the agreements proposed by the government to Russia.”
THE OTHER country Lillikas wants to give military facilities to – France – has let us down big time on the hydrocarbons. French oil company Total has informed the government that it does not plan to carry out any exploratory drilling in the plot it has secured. Total wanted to issue an announcement, but our government has begged it not to do so because it would not go down well publicly, especially now that we have abandoned the peace talks over the natural gas that does not exist.

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