Will Eastern Mediterranean natural gas be able to resolve the Cyprus issue?

The Cyprus issue, in spite of being the most controversial topic of Turkish politics and Turkish Foreign Policy, has been on the table with minimum progress toward a solution for years.

This issue, defined as a conflict in Turkish foreign policy in 1960s, reached its peak with the Cyprus Peace Operation, conducted by Turkey in 1974, and evolved into a different phase until now. In 2015, the discovery of gas in Eastern Mediterranean left its mark on the Cyprus issue.The EU is dependent on outside resources for natural gas. EU countries, importing natural gas mostly from Russia, have been disturbed as customers, due to Russia’s use of Gazprom, the natural gas company of Russia, as a weapon in the Ukrainian crisis. Thus, the EU has been searching for new energy resources.

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  1. Ali YaziciogluAli Yazicioglu said:

    Turkey and Turkish Cypriots keep their rights in terms of discovering and usage of natural gas in the Mediterranean Sea !!

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