Will Cyprus be reunified in 2016?

The Mediterranean island, divided since 1974, has hopes of reunification. The Greeks and the Turks re-opened talks in the spring of 2015, but an end to the dispute is still out of reach. Our partner La Tribune reports.

Will 2016 see the end of one of Europe’s longest-running conflicts? Last spring, the authorities sharing power in Cyprus opened the first real negotiations on reunification since 2004.

The official objective stated on both sides of the “Green Line” that cuts the island in two is to finalise an agreement in March, which will be put to a referendum in May. But this objective may be rather ambitious.

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    @RomaricGodin Wat a lousy 1-sided article. TC pop in ’60 was nearly 19%, not 15 & no mention of GC ’63 atrocities. #cyprus

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