What does the leftist victory in northern Cyprus mean?

“The will for peace has won,” said Sami Özuslu, my Turk-Cypriot colleague who is an editor with SIM TV Channel.

Referring to the victory rally last Sunday held by Mustafa Akıncı, the newly elected president of Northern Cyprus, he sounded full of hope.

“The spirit of the people cheering in the square closely resembled the one during the referendum process 11 years ago,” he told me. “It is now time to see whether a solution is closer.”

With what is seen as a dramatic shift in favor of the left, the 67-year old veteran of politics, Akıncı, gained over 60 percent of the vote while his nationalist rival Derviş Eroğlu had to suffice with 39 percent.

This is a powerful change that creates……..

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