Were we all bewitched on July 15, 1974?

Were we all bewitched on July 15, 1974?

JUST AS the Germans cannot rid themselves of the responsibility for the start of World War II and the creation of Auschwitz, Buchenwald, Mauthausen death camps by blaming it all on the paranoid Hitler, so we cannot absolve ourselves for the disaster that struck Cyprus in 1974 by putting the blame exclusively on the Greek Junta and EOKA B.

The July 15 coup was carried out by the Junta with the help of EOKA B, but to pull it off it had to find favourable conditions in Cyprus. Without the eager complicity of the media, the legislature, the teachers and a large section of the Greek Cypriot population the Junta would not have been able to take root in Cyprus and mount the coup which caused the biggest catastrophe for Hellenism since 1922. Worse still, the thousands of congratulatory telegrams sent to coup president Nicos Sampson, indicate – as hurtful as this is – a popular acceptance of the coup.

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  1. Yiota PittaYiota Pitta said:

    Totally untrue!! Forged history. Greek junta military with EOKA B went through with the 1974 coup in Cyprus.

  2. ADr said:

    How were we ”all bewitched” if, as the writer say, there was a resistance. So why all? Who is this all?

  3. Kyriakos MichailKyriakos Michail said:

    “Aftermath: most probably future historians will conclude that the Cypriots of the second half of the 20th century were schizophrenics”? Not the best of analysis, also it makes a generalization of the populations beliefs based only in very few factors (like the letters in favor of the Sampson government)…

  4. Daphnos EconomouDaphnos Economou said:

    Most imaginative… : “It suffices to say that the most ‘serious’ and ‘authoritative’ newspaper of the time, Eleftheria, dismissed the Athens Polytechnic students who rose up against the junta in 1973 as ‘teddy-boys’. I believe it was this identification of Greece with the Junta that led the m a j o r i t y (?!) of Greek Cypriots to applaud the Junta’s invasion.” Modern Cypriot history needs writing, not “rewriting”. Poor.

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