Water under authoriy of federal government to prevent sides from quarrelling

Turkish Cypriot daily Kibris newspaper (08.10.15) reports that Mehmet Ali Talat, chairman of the Republican Turkish Party (CTP) and former Turkish Cypriot leader, has said that they had agreed with former President Christofias that the water which will come from Turkey has a strategic importance and that the administration of the water should be under the authorities of the federal government in order for preventing the two communities from quarrelling.

Talat argued that the water which comes from Turkey is not a natural resource and added: “It is a strategic product. Therefore, during our period we had agreed on the issue of the administration of the water being in the federal government”.

Talat said that the international agreements, which had been regularly made by “both sides” [Translator’s note: By the term “both sides” he means the Republic of Cyprus on the one hand and the breakaway regime that was unilaterally and illegally declared by the Turkish Cypriots and Turkey in 1983] and are not in contrary to the Founding Agreement to be reached, will be valid in the federal state. “We expect this to be in this way. He claimed: “Therefore, the agreements reached between the TRNC and Turkey will continue being valid, that is they will be binding for the federal government. There is no problem from the international law’s point of view”.

Source: PIO

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