View: Saturday’s walk by the leaders should be lauded

Our View: Saturday’s walk by the leaders should be lauded

IT WAS inevitable that the hard-line rejectionists would try to belittle Saturday’s walk on Ledra Street by the two leaders and put the obligatory negative spin on it. We heard that too many such walks would cause harm to Cyprus, that it was unheard of for a president to take a stroll in the occupied part of his country, that the Cyprus problem would not be solved by socialising and that there was no justification for any optimism as we did not know what Turkey’s plans were.

We have become accustomed to this type of negativity, whenever there is a little movement on the Cyprus problem, and it is always combined with warnings of an attempt at a ‘speedy closure’ of the Cyprus problem, as if any form of urgency is anathema. The truth is that the hardliners are very comfortable with the status quo and are on a mission to scupper any move or initiative that might threaten it. They are supposedly support a settlement as long as it could be achieved without doing anything out of the ordinary.

Saturday’s walk by President Anastasiades and Mustafa Akinci was out of the ordinary. Never before had the two leaders walked together on both sides of the dividing line………

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