View: Rejectionists are an anachronistic irrelevance

Our View: Rejectionists are an anachronistic irrelevance

HOW STRANGE it is see the Cyprus negotiations progressing smoothly, with the leaders and negotiators of the two communities focused on the job at hand and shunning the dirty tricks, blame games and public showboating that were part of all previous procedures. We have not been accustomed to such a businesslike and mature approach to the peace talks, with the leaders reporting progress after every meeting they have.

This is because for the very first time the two leaders are working together and neither is trying to trip the other one up or cause difficulties in his respective community. For the first time in the history of talks, the leaders are not viewing the negotiating table as a battleground on which one side’s gain is the other side’s loss. The talks are no longer a zero sum game, but a joint effort by the leaders to resolve differences through constructive and meaningful discussions. Nobody claims this would be easy, but their approach has a much bigger probability of being successful than the sterile, confrontational style adopted by their predecessors.

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