View: Only those pro a solution should be party to developments

Our view: Only those pro a solution should be party to developments

PRESIDENT Anastasiades must have regretted attending the opening of the 22nd AKEL Conference on Thursday. Although he had been warned he would come under criticism in the speech of party leader Andros Kyprianou he said he had not been prepared for the intensity of the attack. Kyprianou accused the president of deceiving voters, lying, looking after his personal and family interests, being in cahoots with the troika, arranging show trials, appointing unsuitable people and being an ineffective president.

The question everyone was asking afterwards was why had the president agreed to subject himself to such a humiliating experience. Perhaps he had not expected the AKEL chief to have been so abusive and vicious, but even if the criticism was polite, he had no obligation to sit in the front row of the auditorium and take it. There were other ways for him to display his gratitude to AKEL for the public backing it is offering him on the Cyprus problem, than showing up in person for a speech he knew he would be the main target of.

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    yes, need 4 grass roots change of perception by ppl in Sth 2 accept TCs as their political …

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