View: Kudos for army service cut, but will it work?

CONGRATULATIONS to President Anastasiades for honouring his election promise to reduce the length of the army service. Several of his predecessors had also promised to shorten it but nobody dared to do so. Service was reduced by ten months, from 24 to 14, which means conscripts would be able to attend university a year after leaving school and sacrifice only one year of their life for their country’s defensive needs.

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  1. Argyro NicolaouArgyro Nicolaou said:

    I don’t think that there will be a problem finding 3000 young Cypriots. Unemployment is high, and if the government/NG do a good job of recruiting people by providing a career path/training possibilities within the NG, this shouldn’t be a problem. Furthermore, they could always open up the 3-5 year contracts to women as well. Why not?

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