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View from the other side By @EsraAygin - The Cypriot Puzzle

View from the other side By @EsraAygin


Her name is Ayşegül. She is 28 years old. She works at a nail salon in Kyrenia.

She was born to settler parents 13 years after the division of the island, in a house that belongs to a displaced Greek Cypriot family. She has lived in Kyrenia all her life. She knows of no other life.

“I would never knowingly take away somebody else’s house,” she says. “Of course I can imagine the pain.”

Her parents were brought to Cyprus from a remote village in southeastern Turkey…………

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  1. Ephie ChristodoulidesEphie Christodoulides said:

    Did she move out when she found out she was living in somebody else’s house? Also, there was no division of the island, there is an occupation which prevents people from returning to the homes they and their families rightfully own!

  2. HasoHaso said:

    @EsraAygin so u talked abt loss of property. Wat abt “I would never knowingly attempt to wipe TCs from the island?”

  3. Doğuç Veysioğlu said:

    Yearning may end with a solution and Ayşegül will have a part in the equation.

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