View: Education technical committee unlikely to achieve anything

Our view: Education technical committee unlikely to achieve anything

NOBODY knows what the host of technical committees that supposedly discuss aspects of a settlement, in parallel to the negotiations, actually do. Are they just talking shops for people from the two communities to exchange theoretical musings or do they actually work constructively, tackle problems and find solutions? We do not know the answer as there have been no announcements of any results produced by the committees about anything other than the preservation of religious monuments.

A search of the ‘technical committees’ menu on the UN Cyprus Talks website reveals that the ‘committees’ website is under construction. The main website did however have a couple of pictures from the first meeting of the technical committee on culture which was held four months ago. This committee was one of several set up by President Anastasiades and Mustafa Akinci when the negotiations began as a way of boosting the positive climate rather than facilitating the peace process. That we have heard next to nothing from them since is not a good sign.

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