US ambassador calls on Turkey to leave Cyprus’ EEZ

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US ambassador to Nicosia John Koenig on Friday said Turkey has to withdraw its seismic survey ship within Cyprus’ exclusive economic zone and cancel its illegal maritime order NAVTEX.

Koenig who was talking to state television also dismissed criticism that the US are trying to keep a neutral stand on the region’s new tension.

Washington DC is crystal clear when it comes to Cyprus’ sovereign right to explore its natural resources, he said.

And he added that the US believe Turkey must respect the sovereignty of Cyprus and end its exploration within the island’s offshore natural gas fields.

The US back UN special envoy on Cyprus Espen Barth Eide’s efforts to restart the peace dialogue, Koenig also said.

And he agreed that Turkey’s actions and threats undermine the continuation of negotiations for a comprehensive settlement of the Cyprus problem.

Last month, Turkish seismic exploration vessel Barbaros entered Cyprus` Exclusive Economic Zone a few days after Turkey issued an illegal maritime order (NAVTEX) for the area.

This forced President Anastasiades to suspend the UN-brokered peace talks in Nicosia aiming for the island’s reunification.


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