Unite Cyprus Now: ‘Cypriots should take the future in our hands’

The movement Unite Cyprus Now has given an open call to Cypriots who do not want to see the current negotiation process collapsing, to get together tonight, at 19:00, at Ledra Street/Lokmaci Buffer zone in order to shout out the desire for a United Cyprus.

In the face of a perceived collapse in negotiations for the solution of the Cyprus Problem, Cypriots from across the island have used social media in order to organise themselves and oppose what seems like the last chance for a solution based on a Federation. In an effort to pressure Nicos Anastasiades and Mustafa Akıncı not to give up on the process, the movement sends out the message that: “It is time for Cypriots to take the future in our hands.” Through its Facebook page the movement calls people who believe in this message to get together in a positive environment, in the only area that people of this island can truly co-exist; the buffer zone.

This new grassroots movement evolving in Cyprus brought Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots together last Thursday at Ledra Street/Lokmaci buffer zone in a first, spontaneous call for protest against another political failure to unite the island.

In tonight’s event discussions regarding future events and actions will take place with the movement calling for people to join with ideas and energy.

To visit the Facebook page of the “Unite Cyprus Now” movement click here.

To view details on tonight’s event, click here.




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