UBP Cavusoglu’s conditions for a solution in Cyprus

Halkin Sesi newspaper (04.09.15) reports that Nazim Cavusoglu, “deputy” with the National Unity Party (UBP) and one of the six candidates for the party’s leadership in the forthcoming UBP election congress evaluated the recent developments in the negotiations and claimed that “an agreement must be based on the TRNC”. As he claimed if a solution is not based on the “TRNC” the “people” will reject the solution plan.

Cavusoglu stated that the continuation of the presence of the Turkish army in the island and that a decision that will allow all the settlers who came from Turkey to the occupied areas of Cyprus after 1974 to remain in the island should be a condition for the solution of the Cyprus problem.


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  1. PeekaPPeekaP said:

    nationalists on both sides always make unreasonable demands, it is why previous talks failed.

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