Two Turkish Cypriots were arrested for violating a military forbidden zone in Louroudjina


Under the title “We are under military pressure”, Turkish Cypriot daily Havadis newspaper (06.08.17) reports that the Turkish Cypriots Bekir Karabocek and Erkan Egmez were arrested by the breakaway regime on August 4 in their attempt to cross by from the government controlled area of Cyprus to the occupied area of Cyprus near the occupied village of Louroudjina. They were accused of “violating a military forbidden zone”.

According to the paper, a soldier who tried to stop them was slightly injured by the car, which was driven by Bekir Karabocek.

While the two arrested men were coming out of the “court”, Egmez said: “We are under military pressure”.

On the same issue, Turkish Cypriot daily Kibris newspaper (06.08.17) reports that ErkanEgmez is a TV presenter at a Turkish Cypriot channel.

Source: PIO

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