Two thirds of missing since 1974 have not yet been located

According to the Presidential Commissioner for Humanitarian Issues, Photis Photiou, the two thirds of persons listed as missing since 1974 have not yet been located.
Photiou discussed on Wednesday with the leadership of the Democratic Party (DIKO) the need to set up a joint strategy between the government and the political parties aiming to convince Turkey to give further information as regards the sites where missing persons have been buried and to open up more military zones for excavations, in Cyprus’ areas occupied since the Turkish invasion of the island in 1974.
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  1. Costa ConstantiCosta Constanti said:

    I think someone should clarify something for Mr Fotiou. Almost 50% of the missing have actually been found, it is just that only a third of the total missing have so far been identified and returned. Also, the Trachonas dig in recent days should bolster the numbers. Meanwhile, someone should clarify if the 100+ Turkish Cypriot buried at the memorial in Sandalari are on the missing list or not. If so, then those numbers should be revised downwards
    *Number of missing people: Greek Cypriots: 1508 / Turkish Cypriots: 493. Identified Individuals returned to their families: Greek Cypriots: 457 / Turkish Cypriots: 144. Sites excavated: Opened: 1010 (No of Human remains on sites: 969) – source:

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