Turkish Cypriots see no solution in 2015

Turkish Cypriots see no solution in 2015

Eroglu leads opinion polls

By Evie Andreou

THE Greek Cypriot side will be to blame for the lack of a solution to the Cyprus problem this year, according to half of Turkish Cypriots polled by the Kyrenia American University (GAU).
The survey released yesterday, found that more than seven out of ten of the 695 people asked did not expect a solution in 2015, while 49.6 per cent said that the Greek Cypriots will bear the responsibility for this. 
Almost five out of ten believe that the natural gas finds will not contribute to the solution, while a similar number believes that water from Turkey will not be a catalyst towards a solution, either. 
According to the survey, the most important issues that need to be resolved are the Cyprus problem, followed by health, social insurance and unemployment. 
More than seven out of ten Turkish Cypriots believe that prices of goods and services will rise this year. 
The army is the most trusted entity in the north, followed by the police and the judicial system. 
Dervis Eroglu is most likely to win the upcoming presidential elections, according to the survey, followed by Sibel Siber, Mustafa Akinci and Kudret Ozersay. 
If they went to the polls today, 46 per cent said they would vote for Eroglu, 30 per cent would vote for Siber, 17 per cent for Akinci and seven per cent for Ozersay.

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