Turkish Cypriots are also worried about the regime’s arbitrariness in “citizenship” policy

Turkish Cypriot columnist Cenk Mutluyakali reports in his column in Turkish Cypriot daily Yeni Duzen newspaper (17.12.15) that not only the Greek Cypriots, but many Turkish Cypriots are also worried about the breakaway regime’s arbitrariness in the “citizenship” policy. Mutluyakali writes, inter alia, the following:
“[…] You know that in the past the increase in our population has been twice as much as the normal one.

The ‘citizenship’ numbers are now more critical for the ‘solution’ process as well. I have honestly found strange the statements which relate the issue to the ‘bedroom’. First I heard them from president Akinci and I was surprised. In a speech at Kadir has University in Istanbul, he said: ‘How can I immobilize the population of the Turkish Cypriots and the Greek Cypriots? Will I stand as a guard in everyone’s bedroom?’ […]

The president of the Democratic Party, Serdar Denktas has made a similar statement at the assembly: ‘Will they interfere in our love life as well? Will I wait for 4 Greek Cypriot children to be born and then I will give birth to one?’
Who are we deceiving now? These are very populist statements. Everyone knows that the ‘citizenship’ problem in the northern part of Cyprus is not deriving from the ‘bedroom’ or the ‘love life’! The worry is not about our fertility. Otherwise, the number of our voters would not increase from 103 thousands in 1993 to 122 thousands in 1998 and 141 thousands in 2000. We are known for carelessly giving or being forced to give citizenship for reasons such as a decision by the council of ministers, a signature by the minister, political populism, a request by Turkey, on financial grounds. Tens of them have been given exaggeratedly by saying that ‘these are children, spouses, brothers’ etc. And some by showing as false address of fifteen, twenty persons the house of an undersecretary. Mr Akinci knows this. Serdar Denktas does too. Everyone knows it. Not only the Greek Cypriots, but many people in the northern part of Cyprus are also worried about the arbitrariness of our ‘citizenship’ policy.

Moreover no one has yet denied that Turkey had recently asked for citizenship to be granted to 26 thousand new persons. […]”

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