A protest by KTOS against Turkey’s policies and practices in Cyprus



Turkish Cypriot daily Detay newspaper (21.01.16) reports that the Turkish Cypriot Teachers’ Trade Union (KTOS) held yesterday a protest in front of the so-called Turkish embassy in the occupied area of Cyprus in order to condemn Turkey’s implementation projects and practices in the occupied area of Cyprus. 

During the protest which was supported by the “Trade Union Platform”, KTOS’s secretary-general Sener Elcil delivered a speech condemning Turkey for the “structure” of the “country”, for the lack of the system and for the imposition policies it implements in the “TRNC”. 

As the paper points out, the protesters transferred to the “embassy” a symbolic “water pipeline”, to protest against Turkey’s policy towards the issue of the administration of the water transferred from Turkey. 

Source: PIO

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