How the Turkish Cypriot press covered the results of the referendum in Turkey


The results of the referendum for the constitutional amendments in Turkey were the main issue on the front pages of the Turkish Cypriot daily newspapers on Monday 17 April, 2017.

Under the title “New period in Turkey”, Kibris reports that the constitutional amendment, which consists of 18 articles, was approved in Turkey with a majority of 51,41% of the votes against 48,59%. Turkey abandons the parliamentary system and passes to the presidential system, notes the paper, adding that the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) has already stated that it would file an objection against the result. The paper writes that the “no” vote prevailed with 56,61% in the voting in the occupied area of Cyprus where the “yes” vote remained to 43,39%.

Afrika refers to the issue under the title “Fraudulent election” and reports that the result was determined by the fact that after the counting of the votes had started the Supreme Election Board decided that the unsealed envelops and voting papers would be valid.

Under the title “Two different Turkeys”, Yeni Duzen writes that the “no” vote prevailed in big cities such as Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. “No’ votes victory in cities such as Antalya, Adana and Mersin drew attention, according to the paper, which reports that strong support to the “yes” vote was expressed in Konya, Sivas, Erzurum and Kahramanmaras.

Havadis refers to the issue under the title “Yes by a hair’s breadth”. Basaran Duzgun, the publisher of the paper, writes in his column that Turkey was divided in two and that AKP lost in the occupied area of Cyprus. President Erdogan achieved his target “by a hair’s breadth”, the leader of the Republican People’s Party (CHP) Kilicdaroglu came out as winner from the election (something which he could not even dream of) and the leader of the Nationalist Action party (MHP) Bahceli lost in a shameful manner, argues Duzgun.

Under the title “New Period in Turkey”, “Halkin Sesi” reports that the total percentages of AKP and MHP, which have officially supported the “yes” vote in the referendum, decreased by 8,62% comparing to the parliamentary elections held on 1 November 2015.

Under the title “Turkey said yes”, Star Kibris reports that the turnout in the 16 April referendum reached 86,3% and that Turkey “showed once more that it stands by President Erdogan’s side”. Under the title “Europe is in shock”, the paper writes that the “yes” vote prevailed in the voting abroad in which three million Turks have participated. In Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium “yes” exceeded 60%, notes the paper.

Ortam refers to the issue under the title “Disputable yes in the shadow of no”.

Kibris Postasi covers the results under the title “New Turkey with a small difference”.

Source: PIO

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